La Cuculmeca

Who is La Cuculmeca?

Our Mission

The Cuculmeca is an association of education and communication that facilitates and influences

  • Sustainable management of the environment and
  • The participation of communities in their own development

Our vision for 2020

Our vision of the people and the environment

Families create changes in terms of the sustainable human development, on a personal and a collective level

Our vision of the organization

The Cuculmeca is an organization of reference with successfully implemented experiences, locally and nation wide.

Our strategic themes

We differentiate between 4 big thematic blocks which are based on our accumulated experience and explicit demands of the target groups and/or related to the target of our organization.

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Civil Participation
  • Developmentllo Organizacional 


In relation to the modules of formal education, our actions are complementary to the offer of the state-runned institutions.

  • Preschool Education.
  • Primary Education.
  • Secondary Education.
  • Technical education and vocational guidance.
  • Environmental Education.
  • Preventable Education and disaster mitigation.


  • Climate change.
  • Land and real estate management with an emphasis on watershed and specifications at the level of estate planning.habilitación técnica
  • Management of protected areas.
  • Management and integral running of watersheds.
  • Management of solid and liquid wastes.
  • Sovereignty and food security linked to the diversification of production, promotion of seed of identity and our positioning in relation to genetically modified products.
  • Organic or ecological agriculture.
  • Economic and business development with a focus on social and environmental responsibility as well as an emphasis on social and solitary economy.
  • Organizational development of action groups, promotion of experiences of social, solitary and social economy in the field of agro-ecological farming and rural tourism initiatives.
  • Sustainable rural tourism.

Civil ParticipationIniciativa Paragua

  • Civil participation and responsibility.
  • Political incidence.
  • Social Audit.

 Organizational Development

  • DSC02989Personal and organizational development applying a systemic focus.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Communication.

Who is and what is the Cuculmeca?12 - Cuculmeca en tronco

The Cuculmeca is basically a medicinal plant that grows in endangered rainforest, therefore the Cuculmeca is in danger, too.

Our dream is to protect it…

Protect it to give it a chance to take root …
Protect it and use it to see it live in our world.

The Cuculmeca is used to treat and to cure anaemia.

In today’s society we suffer from many types of anaemia …
Anaemia of values, principles … Anaemia in organizations …
Anaemia in the perception and interpretation of sustainable human development …
Anaemia of long-term vision … Anaemia among the pretty speeches and actions …
Anaemia of our own culture…

Speaking of our culture …

Cuculmeca is a word of Nahuatl origin … which reflects our commitment to the rescue of the local culture and identity.
The Cuculmeca has a female gender, a lot of energy, many secrets and powers …
and one of our priorities is to empower women to achieve equity in society.

The Cuculmeca is a liana with big, strong and powerful roots which grow

towards the light, towards the fulfilment of our dreams.

Now you might know why we chose the name “La Cuculmeca”.

doci prueba2





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